Tuesday, December 16, 2008

St. Augustine Christmas Parade

Just in case anyone was wondering, just like in the book, St. Augustine does have an annual Christmas parade that draws visitors from all over the state. It's not held on Christmas Eve, but rather on the first Saturday in December. Below are some photos from this year's parade (which always involves an interesting conglomerate of haphazard parade floats).

Nothing says Christmas like pirates!

Nothing says Christmas like Pikachu either!

Loving this tricked out VW van with the matching Christmas can't beat that!

I understand the need to emphasize the "true meaning of Christmas" but I think this might be going just a tad too far...gotta love St. Augustine!

Rudolphadillo is a staple in the St. Augustine Christmas parade! It would be the holidays without him!
Here's my high school alma matter (Menendez) marching in the parade.

Cute dog in a gorgeous old Porsche.

My middle school alma matter (Murray). I marched with this band in both the Christmas and Easter parades.

The air force's special land cruiser is always a treat.

Who says you can't have a sleigh ride in Florida?


BRD said...

How nice to share this post.
I visited St. Augustine several years ago and loved it.

torinem said...

Too funny. You know, I have never been to the Christmas parade! At least not that I remember...We will definitly have to start going once we move back! 16 1/2 months, baby! Not that I am counting :)